Thursday, 25 October 2012

Evening Sky (저녁 하늘) - Ailee [Carmela Cheng Cover]

Ailee is one of my most favorite solo artist in Korea. She has a powerful voice and she
is also known as the Beyonce of Asia. 

Been listening to her songs lately and when I heard this song, I told to myself that I should make my 
own cover of it. I actually searched first for the English version of the lyrics and decided to make an English version of the song but I realized that it'll be better if I sing the Korean version because I also want to challenge
myself. :)) But I hope that you'll enjoy listening to it. <33 I'll be posting more of my cover videos. ;) I really do
miss doing this kind of stuff and now that it's our term break, I'll be spending most of my time recording ;)

Btw, I've uploaded another new cover on youtube. I made a cover of my own version of "The XX by G-Dragon", and I'll be posting it here on my blog very soon! ;D So "watch" out for it guys! :)))

And for my last "btw", if you want to download my cover version of Ailee's Evening Sky, please click this link:

Evening sky - Ailee (Carmela Cheng Cover)

or you could also download it here, by just clicking the "download" button ;) 

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