Friday, 6 January 2012

I am a RING collector!

Most people often say that it's not about what accessory you wear, it's about what outfit you bring that'll best explain how fashionable you are. But it's a NO NO for me because accessory is important in fashion too. I can't go along wearing nice outfits without me wearing accessories in my body.  I feel so incomplete.
I ♥ my accessories so much that I collect them! \:D/
The first accessory that I'm going to share with you are my Ring collectibles! ;)
I collect different kinds of rings:
These are my collection of rings. It's not too much rings though but I just started collecting recently so I'm still searching for more rings and I'm searching for stand-out rings too so I decided to go mall hopping someday and once I buy one I'll post it here in my blog so wait for that guys . ;D :-bd

These are my favorite! These are called the rubber rings, and it has different designs too as you can see below. ;) I bought this for only 50 php, affordable huh? 

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