Sunday, 8 January 2012

My gifts this Christmas! ;)

Gifts from my friends! :">
 I had a really great time with last year's Christmas. I had the chance to hang-out with my friends (my highschool friends) and we held our own Christmas Party. It's sad to say that some of our friends didn't get the chance to come, but we still had a blast.
We played games first and then we did the exchange of gifts, these were the gifts that I received from my awesome friends:
This was given to me by "Diana Morcilla" A.K.A "Happy Positivity" :D
It's a book mark saying "All the time God is good". 
And her other gift is a magnet holder, and it says there that "All things are possible with God."
Dia is a really positive person, and now I have proof for that. XD

This small blue "♥LOVE" paper holder was given to me by my best friend "Wendy Federigan"
She wrote a note inside too ;D I love my bhestiey (that's how we call each other) so much! ♥

This cute "leopard print" earrings was given to me by Lizz. :DD Cute huh? :DD 
This can be paired with a Leopard print polo top too :DD  

This fashionable coffee mug was given to me by Johnna! \:D/
I love using this coffee mug cause' it's full of pumps ♥

Another black and white "leopard print" belt was given to me by my friend Amanda. ♥
I love this belt ♥ It reminds me of the earrings that my friend Lizz gave me. (the one on top) ;) 

Another gift from Amanda and her mom. 
You might be wondering why she gave me two gifts, this one's not actually for Christmas. :>>
 It's an advance Birthday gift for me \:D/

Gifts from my family!

The "Revlon" pink lipstick (top) was given to me by my mom. :D I also applied the lipstick so you can see how pinkish it is when already applied. (bottom)
And the "ORGANICS" strawberries & Cream lip shine was given to me by my cousin Kaye. I love the flavor of strawberries & Cream. It's such a yummy flavor. :>>


This I.N. Studio black ruffle top was given to me by my "ninang" Joy. :)
I love this top so much because it can be worn in any occasion. You can wear it on a party, and just pair it with a sparkling skirt or shorts. You can also use this on a regular day, like if you're going to a mall.

This cute rainbow color knitted shirt was given to me by the "Inumerable" family.
They know that I'm quite interested in rainbow colors and I'm glad they gave me this. ♥
And the skirt below was given by them too. :D 
What I like about the skirt is that it's not too short to wear and the design is so vintage and unique. ♥ 

The nail polish collection was given to me by my cousins (Tommy and Chinny) and also my aunt Topsy and Uncle Ronnie. They knew how much I adore nail polish and I love this one so much too ♥ This one's from the "face shop" :)

That's it for today bloggers and viewers. :)
I want to thank all my relatives and friends for giving me such an amazing gifts I love you guys so much :*

Love lots ♥
Carmela ;)

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