Monday, 29 October 2012

ATC (Alabang Town Center) bonding with parents ♥

I got so psyched up when I heard that we were to visit and have our lunch at Alabang Town Center. :D 
It is one of my most favorite hang-out spots in Alabang, other than S&R. What I first saw when I entered ATC are restaurants and diners like Chilis, P.F. Chang's, Mexicali and many more. ;D
ATC is a perfect place for family bonding. ♥ 
It's pretty obvious that we really enjoyed our stay at ATC and the posted pictures below are proofs that me and my parents really had a fun bonding experience at ATC! ;)

Took a lot of pictures with this white huge Christmas Tree (Picture below) ;)
Now you can really feel that Christmas is finally approaching. Christmas Trees and lights are already exposed to some areas in the Philippines considering ATC. <3

This is my dad by the way ;) 

This is my beautiful mom <3 Many people think that we're sisters :)) You wouldn't even believe that she's in her 50' because of how young she looks. It's no doubt why people think we're siblings. :)) 

Told you we look more like sisters :P

We ate at Stackers after we did some round trip at ATC.

This is the most delicious fries I've ever tasted in my life! <33 They put real garlic bits on the fries which made it more tasty and delicious! :-P~
Yummy fish and chips :-P~

This is a yummy burger I am telling you! ;DD

So I guess that's it for now folks! ;D Sorry if there's more pictures than descriptions for this blog but I really hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures. :) I bet that you're drooling right now because of the foods that I posted here. :)) You better try visiting ATC next time so that you'll be able to try all these yummy delicacies :>>

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