Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Both of us - B.O.B ft. Taylor Swift (Carmela Cheng Cover)

I've done a lot of rap covers before but this is the only rap song cover that took me the whole day to finish. :))
I really think that a lot of people will enjoy listening to this song because it really has a catchy
tune and it contains a great lyric message. I love Taylor Swift so much, I adore her and her songs.
And when I discovered that she made a collaboration with B.O.B, I automatically searched for the song
on youtube and I listened carefully to the song first so that it won't be hard for me to do the song for my actual cover.
After a few hours of practicing, I made a cover of it and posted on my soundcloud account. ;)

If you want to download my own cover of B.O.B's "Both of us", just click the download button as seen below:

Thank you guys! ♥ That's it again for now! <33 TOODLES!

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