Thursday, 18 October 2012

Best-places-to-go-for-Christmas list:

2 months to go and it's Christmas time baby! The time we've all been waiting for! ;D 
This is the time when people go shopping to buy for gifts and Christmas decors.
Christmas is fun because many stores and boutiques are on sale.
Now's the perfect time to go shopping to bazaars too. You could buy lotsa cool stuffs in a 
cheaper price when you go shopping to bazaars. ;)
But the best thing about Christmas is the family bonding, and that's why many
people are also looking for the best place to go with their family on Christmas. 
So here are my list of best places to visit for Christmas:

If you're looking for a place where you can experience the chilling temp., I prefer you go visit Baguio.

This is a good place to visit for Christmas because of its cold weather.
You will also site so many beautiful scenery in Baguio. I've been there to Baguio
for several times already and I totally enjoy my stay there. I've gone to so many places,
I did some shopping, and I did some food trippin' too. I have to admit
that their foods are the most yummy foods I've ever tasted!

These are the spots that you can see in Baguio if ever you decided to visit there:

If you want to experience staying in a luxurious place, you could go
visit "Camp John Hay". It has a good hotel service and
they also serve yummy treats.  
Next destination that you will love to visit during Christmas is the Star City's Snow world

I'm pretty sure that your lil' brothers or sisters or your kids will enjoy their stay in 
Star City's snow world! ;)
For only 120.00 php, you will get to experience the fun. 

There are slides made out of ice inside the Snow world; not only will you experience
having fun, but you'll also experience freezing. *bur*
That's how cold it is inside the Snow world, as you can see the fog is really thick.
You can see many ice sculptures too! ;D The snow world is like a combination
 of a museum and amusement park.

Looking for more? 
The best place that I can recommend for you to visit is the Giant Christmas Tree at Araneta Center!! 

If you're the type of person who loves Christmas tree, just like Kevin in Home Alone, this is the best
place for you to visit!

They change the design of the Christmas tree every December. 
This is definitely one of the greatest place to visit on Christmas, you could
really feel the essense of Christmas because of the Christmas tree. <3

And the last place that I know you'll definitely love to visit for Christmas is the Christmas Lights and Sounds show held at Ayala Triangle, Makati! ;DD

Christmas wouldn't be complete without Christmas lights! ;D
It's a good thing that there's a Christmas lights and sounds show at Ayala Triangle.
It's pretty fun to watch it especially if you're with your family or with your friends 
or with your special someone.
And after you watch the lights show, you could go eat there too. There are restaurants located in Ayala
Triangle gardens like banapple, golden spoon, Bfast, and many more! ;)

It's like you're in a fairytown world when you're girded with so many Christmas lights, right?

So those are the places that I definitely would love you to visit :) I hope you had fun reading this article and I hope this helped you too. :)

Toodles! <33

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