Saturday, 20 October 2012

What do you want from me? (Behind the scene footage)

Last Friday afternoon, I decided to do another session of my self-work photo shoot. I wasn't able to go online for several months because I've drowned myself on paper works and projects for finals and midterms but it's term break baby!! :))) But to be honest, it's not yet our term break cause' we still got two subjects left for our finals which will both end on Monday, but no one can stop me on blogging >:)

Nyways, these are my behind the shoot footage of my "What do you want from me? photoshoot":

I bought this shirt at forever 21. I bought it for sale (from 1,940 php - 460 php)
This is my favorite hand cuff bracelet ever! :DD I highly recommend you to use this kind of bracelet when you're going to public
places because you can use this as your weapon or defense if you are in a dangerous situation ;) 

Don't forget to hype this look by just clicking the "hype on lookbook" button which you can see below ;) 

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