Tuesday, 23 October 2012

I shopped till' I drop at Megamall!

I told you that I didn't wanna miss the 3 days sale of Megamall that was held Last Friday to Sunday.
Me and my mom visited megamall on its second day of sale and we bought so many on sale items and we had fun, A LOT! <33

The first store that I visited when I soon stepped inside Megamall is "Cinderella". They sell a lot of good items most especially their shoes. I actually bought one pair of ballet flats and I totally like how it really fits my feet. :)

The brand of the shoes is "pretty fit". It makes sense cause' the shoes has a
perfect fit when you actually wear it.

 There are 10% to 20% off for the shoes, and it's not just ordinary shoes that I'm referring here, I'm talkin' about high heels, killer heels and edgy heels! ;)

Told you it's all killer heels  ;)
We also went to Forever 21 and Espirit, those are my most favorite fashion store. I love Forever 21 because most of my most wanted clothes can be seen there. I love to buy at Epirit because they have the most comfortable top tank ever! ;) It's like when you're wearing one of Epirit's clothing, you will be tempted to buy. 

I asked my mom to take a picture of me with this big Forever 21 shopping bag for a remembrance ;)
Unfortunately I didn't take any picture inside Forever 21, I was too busy searching for clothes :)))
Can you blame me? I mean there are so many sale items and also today's seasonal outfits are amazing. 

The seasonal collection of clothes at forever 21 can be seen at the back ;)
And as a proof that it's really sale in Forever 21, there's a huge sale signage at the back ;))

After roaming around, we bought a snack at "Mochko" 

There's like a jelly thing for the outer layer.

But it contains ice cream in the inner layer. YUMMY!! <33

That's all for now folks! <33 Till' next time! ;)

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