Sunday, 31 March 2013

Bohemian Summer!

I haven't been able to post on my blog for the past few months because I have been busy with school works. It'st a big relief for me that summer is now officially starting because for the matter that I'll be able to post as many blogs as I want!! \:D/ Whoopie!

I'll be showing you some of me and my cousin's captivating photos when we had our 
"Bohemian Summer" photoshoot just a couple days ago.
The "Bohemian Summer" is a very different concept because we did not just focus on bright and summery colors for our outfit. We also mixed it with a bohemian jive pattern to make it look more unique, we mixed a couple of accessories too that'll make us look like Hippies (ex.) using a scarf as hair accessory or using flower wreaths.

Different hair accessories that we used for our photoshoot:

And for the last record...

 We did not put too much of make-up because summer is about showing off your natural beauty 
and since the weather is tremendously hot, even if you put on heavy make-up it will just smudge so better yet show your real beauty this summer and try putting on some light make-up touch. 

- The end -

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