Monday, 10 December 2012

Saved - Carmela Cheng Original


Hey there! :D So this is my 2nd ever original song. :D It's entitled "Saved" and here's the reason why: 
I dedicate this song to my friends. They're one of the most important people in my life that I can rely on and tell secrets to because I have faith in them. Considering the fact that I'm an only child and having the feeling of loneliness strikes me all the time. :( But having them around made me forget the feeling of being alone. 

I am not a perfect human being and I sometimes mess up, but in the end I always find myself leading through the right path / right way because my friends are always there to support and help me get through the hard times in life. They are so special to me and they deserve to know it that's why I made this song ;)

So my message to all; there comes a time in life that makes you want to surrender and just give up. Sometimes it makes you want to kill yourself or do something that will endanger you but before you do those reckless things, think about your friends and your family. Think about how painful it is to them when they see you suffer. :( I've been through that stage and believe me, it wouldn't cause' you any good. (but not with the "killing-myself" think) :P 

I hope you learned a lot from me. :) Have an enchanting day everyone! Toodles ;** ;D

BYE!! :)
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