Monday, 5 March 2012

Start of summer HAPPINESS!

It may only be the start of summer but admit it, we all feel super excited even if it's not yet the end of classes!
I had been so busy lately because I worked on so many paper works and reports and I feel so pressured and dull at the same time because there's nothing that I should be excited about. But when I heard that we will be having a time out vacation in Laiya, I scram with joy! And these are the pictures taken in Laiya ;)

Just checking if the water is cold. But it feels good to dip your feet in a sand. That calm feeling *sighs*

Perfect family picture ♥

The calm look :)))) LOL

More pictures here! ;D

With my pretty cousin ♥
I totally love her shades here, I think she bought that in Aldo and it's not that expensive at all! ;D


I can't live without wearing any earrings,
 that's why I have my own collection of earrings at home. ;) 
I bought this blue flower earrings at Greenhills, I think I only bought this for 80 php.
But it's totally worth the buy cause' it's super unique and if
you're gonna buy this kind of earrings someplace, I think it'll
cost a lot more expensive. 

I love this blue old navy slippers ♥ It's so comfy to wear and it has 
so many color choices too! :D I also have pink, violet and gold of that slippers ;)
This was given to me by my aunt but I'm not sure if this can be 
found in the Philippines. Guess I have to search for it! ;)

Heehee, my overall look! ;D 
Word of advice, if you're gonna go to a beach, find something 
comfortable to wear. You don't need to wear something extravagant 
because no one's gonna criticize your fashion on a beach. :P
Find something simple but attractive that you can wear! ;D 

lol! :P Just laughing at my mom cause' she keeps on scrubbing
the sand to her skin. :))) She said that scrubbing sand to your skin 
is one healthy way to have a glowing skin. :> And it removes dead cells.
But of course, you should clean the sand first before you
apply it to your skin. :)

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