Tuesday, 12 June 2012

My first ever nail art masterpiece!

I was so happy that I finally finished my first ever nail art and I'm so happy it turned out well. It took me two days to finish my nails and it was all worth it because I did a pretty good job the fact that some of my friends and my aunts asked me if I could also to this nail art to them. 

Michelle Phan from youtube, inspires me into doing the Easter egg nail art. She's pretty convincing when she said to her tutorial that making an Easter egg nails isn't really hard to make so I made my own too. It's not really that hard, I mean it is hard at first but practice makes everything perfect, so even if I did a lot of errors I never stopped practicing and it turns out prefect for me! :D 

Try making your own nail art! ;) It's fun when you're actually doing it! ;) 

Here's Michelle Phan's easter egg tutorial:

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