Friday, 29 June 2012

Who likes color yellow? I DO! :D

Did you know that color yellow is a sign of happiness? Don't you feel happy or excited whenever you see any yellow colors? 

Yellow is for happiness because yellow is a vibrant color and when I say vibrant, it means striking color. When I hear the word striking color, the first thing that pops in my head is the color neon, and yellow is considered to be a neon color too. Neon are colors that are very bright and striking and when you look at neon colors, it hurts your eyes. But not color yellow. Yellow may be a bright color but whenever I see yellow colors, I feel relaxed. 

The reason why I explained to you about the color yellow is because I had my photo-shoot before and my color motif for this photo-shoot is color YELLOW! \:D/

The title of this photo-shoot is "Yellow Fever"! 
These are some of my behind-the-scene pictures:

I bought my yellow top at "Forever 21" - php 230
Green and yellow shorts (Greenhills) - php 150

Don't forget to hype my "Yellow Fever" look on lookbook:

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