Sunday, 11 November 2012

Family bonding at Everest ♥

First term has finally ended and we were given a 2-weeks break to get ready for the 2nd term (and I tell you, 2nd term is a lot of pressure) but I'm totally glad that I spent my 2-weeks break great.

So here's what's been going on during my term break:

1st, we went to Batangas (our province). It's a torture for us (me and my cousins) to stay there sometimes because the only thing that we do when we're bored is sleep and eat and read books. :)) But since we don't wanna be stuck inside the house only, we always visit different houses near our place and we quite know everyone in our village so it's no trouble for them if we stop by at their house. It's already a tradition to us Filipinos that whenever we have an expected guests, we always prepare many delicious food servings for them. It's the same routine when you visit other people's houses in Batangas; the owner of the house will always prepare yummy delicacies to the guests. Even if there is no occasion, they will still serve innumerable foods. That's the fun part of visiting houses in the Philippines :))

2nd, we went to visit my grandparents and my uncle in the cemetery. We visited our departed loved ones last Novermber 2 at Everest (cemetery). We had our picnic there and me and my cousin Chinny took the chance to have our photoshoot session at Everest too ;) I'll be posting here some of my most favorite shots! :>

Don't forget to hype my "Live like we're young" look ;)

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