Monday, 3 December 2012

Hyoji unnie's Birthday/ Lunch @ Greenbelt and fun stay @ Ayala Triangle

Last Novemeber 29 (it's a Thursday), we celebrated Hyoji unnie's birthday at Ayala. We went to Greenbelt first and had our dinner there. We roamed around greenbelt to find for a perfect dinner place/restaurant to eat, but it took us half an hour before we decided to eat at Italiani's. When we arrived at Italiani's, we ordered as many food as we can  because we were already starving that time. 
Here are some of our photos taken inside Italiani's ;)

Took some pictures around greenbelt...

The birthday girl with her usual pose :)) Isn't she pretty? :">
Hyoji with her sister Yeji ;)
Hyoji with chee ;D
Hyoji with me! :))
Hyoji with the Chee and me! ;D
This is my most favorite shot! <3 L.O.V.E

We never planned of wearing white top :)) This is fate! :>>

We stopped by at Gelatissimo and because our 
appetite wouldn't be complete without desert, we decided to buy a 3 scoops with diff. gelato flavors. (Green apple, tiramisu and lemon cheesecake) ~~~ YUM YUM! :-P~

This is the 3 scooped gelato yummy desert :-P~ 

After we finished eating at Gelatissimo, we went straight to Ayala Triangle and watched the Christmas Light & music show there \:D/ T'was a lot of fun! ;D Here are some of our photos @ Ayala Triangle.

If you haven't watched the Christmas Light and music show @ Ayala Triangle, go watch it here ;)

Thank you and have a great day ;)

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